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Ancient Ricketts Pictures Pre 1957

Ancient Pictures (before 1957). Comments, Additions and Corrections are welcome. Contact me at Click on the last photos the end for high resolution images (after xxx).
This is my great grandparents. Nathaniel Preutt (1838-1900) and Laura Lavelette Driskill Pruett (1847-1933). They were married on Dec. 30, 1864 whle Nathaniel was a soldier in the Confederate army. I lived next door to their daughter who was my grandmother. Annie Brooks Pruett Jones (1880-1969) and husband Mark Daniel Jones (1878-1946) had my mother Annie Marie Jones Ricketts on Nov. 6, 1903.

June 1956 graduating class Woodrow Wilson Junior High School. Danny Ricketts right in second row. This was the last 9th grade class. In September, the "new" George Washington High School on Broad Street opened.
Reuben E. Ricketts (1901-1957) Robert D. "Danny" Ricketts and Mark Daniel Jones (1878-1946). Dan Jones died in December 1946 when I was five years old.

Reuben and Danny Ricketts at Ocean View Beach, Virginia

My dad Reuben Ricketts with rifle and dogs. Note the three-room cabin where I was born in 1941. About that time they added two rooms (see below)

Ray Ricketts married Mary Lanier on Dec. 31, 1946 at Emett Snead's house on West Thomas St.. Mary's brother Billy Lanier and wife Ruth Savage Lanier were a part of the wedding. Ray came home from Washington state for the funeral for our grandfather Mark Daniel Jones and the wedding took place while he was in Danville.

Kay McKinney Moore, Willie Lewis, Danny Ricketts, Ray Ricketts and Sylvia Lynch Matthews. Ray is wearing his Air Force tee shirt.

My mother Annie Marie Jones Rickett is at left. This is the well at our grandparents house on the corner of Washington and Aspen Streets.

Katie Jones (1919-2009), my aunt who died on Jan. 7 and her sister Florence Jones Reynolds (b 1913)

Danny Ricketts, held by Annie Marie Jones Ricketts, Reuben Ricketts, Katie Jones McKinney, Florence "Tiny" Jones Reynolds, Carl Jones in uniform, Austin Jones, Dan Jones and wife Annie Pruett Jones. 1942

Nancye says: "Gusler family in 1922. My grandparents, James Robert Gusler and Mattie Beulah Sigmon Gusler; Children L to R: Macie Gusler Adkins and Luther Gusler, Grandmother is holding my mother Ruby Mae Gusler Barbour. The oldest child, Herbert Gusler, didn't want to be in the picture, they said. My Gusler grandparents grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Franklin County, Virginia. They moved to Pittsylvania County, VA about 1932 and lived for a long time on a farm on the Milton Road, not far from Milton, North Carolina."

Dutch Authur, a boarder who worked in the rock quarry acoss the Lawless Creek with Ray and Elaine Ricketts Gibson.

My parents Marie and Reuben Ricketts. My shiney chrome-fendered Schwinn three-speed bike. It has a state-of-the-art generator for the headlight.

Danny with sister Elaine Gibson and grandfather Dan Jones at the store on the curve across the street on Washington Street. How about those signs.

This is a girls bike. It probably belongs to Nancy Jean Guill who lived on our farm. Note those knickers. This is next to the old cabin where I was born. The deep well can be seen in the back.

Dan and Annie Jones in front of Carl D. Jones Grocery circa 1938. When Carl entered the army in 1942, Grandma Jones operated the store. Note the sign on the delivery bike.

This is the beginning of the two-room addition of the three-room cabin where I was born

Austin Jones at the well with girls
Verna Haraway Price with friend

Florence "Tiny" Jones Reynolds with dad Mark Jones circa 1929

"Idella's Dream" was Reuben Ricketts. Reuben's first daughter was named Idella after his old girlfriend Idella who married Alfred Haraway. Taken on Third Avenue about 1920. The shadow looks like Percy Ricketts, Reuben's younger brother.

Ricketts with their Osborne cousins

Marion Ricketts Lewis and husband Willie

Marie Jones Ricketts on a hay rake

My mother Annie Marie Jones (Ricketts) is at left. How about that car?

Annie Marie Jones (Ricketts) holds her little sister Mozell in 1911. Later that year, both of Marie's little sisters died and left her an only child until Florence was born in 1913

Bessie and Marie. That's the Haraway house on the opposite corner

Marie with her best friend Bessie

This is the 300 block of John St. (Richmond Ave) opposite where Ethel Pruett Hardister lived. Aunt Mary Pruett Petty (sister of Annie Pruett Jones) and children lived here.

This is my mother's first cousin Beannie Petty Jarrett, daughter of Mary Pruett Petty. Harraway is written on the mailbox. Vera Haraway Price, my mother's best friend as a teenager, lived on the opposite corner on Aspen, at the corner of Dean.

Harvey Price and Verna Haraway Price

This looks like the John St. (now Richmond Ave.) hill near Claiborne.

Third Ave. Park

Nola Lanier, mother of Ray's wife Mary

Dan Jones driving wagon

Third Avenue Park


Lynn Gibson eating watermellon. Those are tobacco sticks at Coley Gibson's farm. Tobacco was "strung" (hung) on this sticks and place on tier poles in the barn for curing by wood fire in the 1950s and before

"Mac" McKinney (Lafayette Jr.) stands on the fender of our car

My dad's older brother William Leonard Ricketts (born in 1893) married Ida Coleman in 1916. All seven of their children are standing here at their house on White Oak Street (now Stonewall Court). Annie Ricketts Collins (1918), Eleanor Ricketts Richardson (1920), Inez Ricketts Hopkins (1922), Margie Ricketts Myers (1925), Mildred Ricketts Buckner (1928), Ruby Ricketts Cleary (1930), and finally a boy: Charles Edward Ricketts (1933)

Katie Jones McKinney with her great neice Sylvia Lynch Matthews

Annie Pruett Jones and maybe Austin planting the hedge in front of their house on the corner of Washington and Aspen Streets

On the farm

This is a pre-1948 shot of Elaine Ricketts Gibson (before she married Ed). A daughter of an old boy friend sent this in.

Carl Daniel Jones at home. Notice the hedge has grown.

That's the cabin where I was born on Jan. 13, 1941.

This is my birth place. Austin Jones brick house is now on this site. This is Harry Russel repairing the steps.

This is Willia Lewis with Reuben and Danny Ricketts in 1952 at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia.


This collection of family photographs are all from before 1957 when my father Reuben E. Rickett died. My mother was a Jones and my grandmother was a Pruett.

Laura Lavelette Driskill Pruett (1847-1933)
with grandaughter Annie Marie Jones Ricketts (1903-1978)

Reuben E. Ricketts (1901-1957) at Woolworth's Main Street 1950s.

Ray E. Ricketts (b 1927) with sister Elaine Ricketts Gibson (b 1930)

Robert D. "Danny" Ricketts "posted" 1628 Washington St.

Florence "Tiny" Jones Reynolds (b 1913) Katie Jones McKinney (b 1919) and brother Carl D. Jones.

Annie Marie Jones Ricketts, Florence "Tiny" Jones Reynolds (bonnet). At right Verna Haraway Price.

Robert D. "Danny" Ricketts and Sylvia Lynch Matthews

Reuben and Percy Ricketts with Annie Marie Jones Ricketts

Annie Marie Jones with best friend Bessie Haraway Sparks

Privates Glenn C. Ratcliff & Ray Ricketts Tocoma, Washington circa 1946. Ray was an Air Traffic Controller in the Army Air Force 1946-1949

Granny's Kitchen. Dec. 1941. Annie Jones, Austin Jones, Mary Jones, James Lynch and Idella Ricketts Lyncy. Note that classy stove. I have a match holder like the one on the wall. I lived next door when I started to school in Sept. 1947.